Natural Nordic Sustainability Journey

We have defined sustainability in our business with the following themes:

Profitable business

It all starts with a satisfied and prosperous team. Without the smooth co-operation with our producers, we would have no products to provide for you. To grow, we need new innovations and new products for which we are regularly doing research. We want to be known as a reliable business partner in our industry.

We are moderately growing our business. Steady growth provides us with more resources to develop our business to a more sustainable direction. To ensure the success of our company, we seek new innovations to improve our performance level. To get fresh ideas , we co-operate closely with educational institutions, such as Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK). We use these new ideas to improve our communication, sustainability, and product information.

We cherish our producers and customers. Our networks are built on trust and mutual respect. We expect sustainability from our producers and in return we pay fairly and treat them as equal partners. Our customers can rely on our promises and sustainable values.

We have adopted ISO 26000 as our company standard to guide us on our way to sustainable development. Our aim is to implement the ISO social responsibility guidance by 2024. 


Pure, Finnish products

Natural Nordic Team Chef Contest Japan award 2019

We are proud to be able to bring to you pure and safe Finnish products from our vast forests. Our raw materials grow wild in their natural habitats without any need for fertilization or watering. We want to keep our forests prosperous, and we expect our producers to share this attitude. Working closely with our producers, we get to know them personally, which guarantees that the supply chain is recorded and transparent.

Our products go through a tight quality control. They are 100% natural, contain no additives, and are laboratory tested for safety. The ingredients are minimally processed and air dried, when possible, to preserve all delicate nutrients and save energy in the process. We offer high-quality products with a wide range of selection to support overall well-being.

Our products have received international recognition in France and Japan. All our berries are available also as certified organic products.

In 2021 we received our first Oiva* report, which you can read here

*) The Oiva report is a publicly displayed document received for an inspection carried out by the Finnish food control authorities on food premises. The report informs the consumer on observations made during the inspection, such as the company’s hygiene level and product safety.


Respecting nature

Natural Nordic Bilberry picking

Respecting nature is a cornerstone of Natural Nordic's policy and one of our most crucial values, which makes perfect sense, because all our ingredients come from the Finnish forests. Their availability and quality depend directly on the well-being of Finnish nature. Thriving biodiversity offers a wide selection of ingredients for our natural products. Therefore, we want to make sure that the ingredients are harvested respecting nature. We also do our best to support the biodiversity of nature by regularly donating to charity.

We believe that a circular economy is of paramount important for nature and climate. Accordingly, we support it by packing our products in easily-recyclable material. We are also constantly looking for ways to use fully recyclable packaging and advance the circular economy in different ways. We want to do our part in mitigating the climate change also by compensating our emissions and by using renewable energy. By respecting the nature and using the natural resources sustainably, we want also the future generations to be able to enjoy Finnish nature and its offerings.



Reliability equals responsible commerce. For business continuity, it is vital that our customers can easily and securely purchase our products. We make sure, that our products are as available as nature allows and include the correct information of their contents.

Customer satisfaction is the key to sustainable business. Therefore, we make sure to respond to our customers’ needs and expectations within the limits dictated by our Finnish forests. The harvested products and their quantity depend on the well-being of the Finnish forests. We are constantly innovating new products to meet our customers' needs.

A secure purchasing process means that both we and our customers get the required service with no need to worry about losing crucial information when purchasing products. For that reason, on our website, we offer various third-party payment methods that are from reliable and well-known sources.

Because our products are so heavily tied to the well-being of Finnish forests, the products and their quantity can vary from time to time. That is why it is crucial to keep our customers updated on which products we are able to offer each time. We keep the product lists on our website up to date to ensure customer satisfaction and sustainable production. We keep a close eye on the products that we offer to make sure that the nutritional values are on demanded levels in our high-end products.