Amid ongoing climate changes, the journey towards sustainability is essential in our daily lives. While changes take time, every small step leads us to more sustainable solutions. Join us on this path by choosing our high-quality, naturally sustainable products.

We closely collaborate with carefully selected producers, fostering personal connections. As we value traditional ways and sustainable solutions in our processes, we prioritize minimizing energy use in production. Our ingredients remain minimally processed, avoiding large-scale factories and relying on artisan work. Our products are 100% natural - the way the nature meant it - no need to add anything to what the nature provides. Our raw materials are not cultivated but they grow wild in their natural habitats. Our products are gently handled and their shelf-life is long. They can be stored in room temperature and no extra arrangements are needed even during the transportation.

These high standards extend to Natural Nordic natural cosmetics—our balms and clay masks. We believe in transparency; we think it is important to know what you eat or apply on your skin. We use no synthetic ingredients or animal testing in our clay masks, balms, or any other products.

Shipping our natural Finnish products worldwide, we share the magic of Finland — a country boasting one of the world's cleanest climates. With pure air, clean water, and abundant forest treasures, our offerings are sustainable and of premium quality — nature's art and artisan work.

You can promote well-being by choosing these quality products for yourself or as a thoughtful gift. Stay tuned for more products to come.