Ongoing climate changes challenge us to explore more natural and sustainable solutions in our every-day life. Changes don't happen overnight but every small step on our journey takes us towards more sustainable solutions. Join us on this journey by selecting our high-quality, natural and naturally sustainable products.

We co-operate closely with our carefully selected producers whom we get to know personally. As we value traditional ways, instead of using heaps of electricity or massive machinery in drying our products, we air-dry them whenever possible. Our ingredients are minimally processed; we avoid big-scale factories and rather rely on artesan work. Our products are 100 % natural - the way the nature meant it - no need to add anything to what the nature provides. Our raw materials are not cultivated but they grow wild in their natural habitats. Our products are gently handled and their shelf-life is long. They can be stored in room temperature and no extra arrangements are needed even during the transportation.

Shipping natural Finnish products worldwide, we at Natural Nordic want to spread the magic of Finland, the country that has the cleanest climate in the world (based on the Environmental Performance Index). Our air is pure, our water clean, and our forests offer an abundance of products that you can safely eat, drink, and use on your skin. All this provides a guarantee for sustainable and premium-quality products - nature's art and artesan work. Promote well-being by choosing these quality products.

FANCWe support Finnish nature by directing a portion of the business gift proceeds directly to the FANC, which is The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (Suomen Luonnonsuojeluliitto). It is the largest non-governmental organization for environmental protection and nature conservation in Finland, and has been a frontrunner in Finland’s environmental affairs since 1938. The purpose of FANC is to protect the Finnish natural environment, promote nature conservation, preserve cultural heritage and spark up active citizenship and strong environmental awareness.

Pasi Virtakari


Natural Nordic's design has time after time been praised globally for which full credit goes to Pasi and his meticulous background work, superb ability to cooperate and execute our crazy and often quite imperfect ideas.
Pasi Virtakari Designs
Mika Jokela


Already engaged in a versatile range of interests, Mika developed exciting, new ways of using Natural Nordic products that resulted in the creation of new dishes that entertain the taste buds. Travelling the world, Mika is a living example of the versatile use and endless possibilities of our raw materials.
Executive Chef, Finlandia Hall
Pauli Wigelius


An observer keen on experimenting and steadily branching out to the world, Pauli is an open-minded and cooperative peer entrepreneur who is always a pleasure to meet with.
Käsämä Clay
Tomoko Sugeno


An artist specializing in French cuisine and catering, Chef Tomoko's interest in exotic ingredients and culinary experiments has taken her to different parts of the world. And when back in Tokyo, she holds cozy tea and tales -meetings. A few years ago, our paths crossed with Tomoko, which was a stroke of luck. We hope that we will  continue our joint path together for years to come.
Food Sense
Eric PuroOtso Mursula


Two open-minded argonauts and mushroom enthusiasts. They are an overly creative couple that shares our interest in exporting quality Finnish products, such as Natural Nordic bilberry powder combined with their Manna honey mushroom shots.
Kääpä Biotech
Anu Ruohosto


A fantastic all-round artist of the Finnish forests and nature - a real Mama Bear. She is a powerhouse of Nordic nature who incorporates Finnish nature in its purest form in all her work. We share the same values and, above all, the vision of exporting valuable Finnish products.
Vitae Clean Cosmetics & Anumati Naturals
Noora Leijo


Juggling varied tasks, from photoshoots to social media visuals for us, Noora's work always gleams with dedication and flair. With her passion beyond the lens and natural ability to set a relaxed shoot atmosphere and her openness to innovation, she exemplifies professionalism in event photography. (If there’s an eleventh-hour task, Noora is the one to nail it seamlessly.) We really like that wherever her journey leads, two essentials always accompany her: her trusty camera and our powders.