Collection: HERB POWDERS

Finnish forests are full of healthy and nutritious superfoods, such as herbs that are an excellent source of many vitamins and trace elements. Wild herbs contain many times more vitamins (for example, vitamins A, B, C, and D), minerals and trace elements (such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron) than cultivated plants. Being low in calories and fat, herbs constitute an ideal part of a healthy diet. In addition to having a high nutrient density, wild herbs energize and alkalize the body, and help cleanse it of any impurities. Wild herbs are real superfood. They are full of nutrients and their taste is incomparable.

Originating from the pure Finnish nature, these wild plants that grow in the north are one of the most nutrient- dense foods. They owe their nutrient density to the short but intense growth season filled with light during the short Finnish summers. And it is the cold winters that help keep our plants pure and healthy.

All Natural Nordic products are carefully selected and gently processed to preserve all the vital qualities and make them easy to use. Our wild food products are of high quality, 100% natural without any additives, naturally gluten-free, and suitable for a vegan diet.

With Natural Nordic herb powders, it is easy to take a step toward a healthier diet. Our powders come in a handy and very condensed form. One tablespoon of herb powder is equivalent to 50 - 80g of fresh herbs. Powders last for a long time, unlike fresh plants. There is no need for any extra arrangements, you can store them in room temperature.

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