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Retailers and shopkeepers: Unearth the finest treasures of Finnish forests with Natural Nordic's exclusive product range. From small gift boutiques to wellness spas, our 100% natural and organic products blend seamlessly into any collection, offering a taste of the north with unparalleled quality. Let's partner up to bring the essence of Finnish forests to your shelves.

Brand owners and manufacturers: Enhance your product range with unmatched Finnish wild-crafted plants. Natural Nordic's selection has been proved over the years to preserve the vital qualities of wild plants that are known for their high level of nutrients. Whether for a premium private label gourmet dish, a wellness product, or for a bulk order of different ingredients, let our premium quality be the key ingredient in your offerings.

Collaborators and affiliates: Tap into a world of opportunities by joining hands with Natural Nordic. Whether you are eyeing affiliate marketing or unique collaboration potentials, our high standards and commitment to quality stand as a proof for our reputation. Dive into a partnership that values innovation and the richness of nature.

End-customersExperience the magic of Finnish forests without leaving your home. Our dried berries, herbs, and mushrooms are not just flavors - they take you on a journey to the nature's most nutrient-dense treasures. Perfect for vegans, gluten-free diets, and even your furry friends. Join us on a special taste adventure to explore nature together.

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