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Bilberry Powder (100g): Immerse yourself in the antioxidant-rich essence of bilberries, meticulously harvested and ground into a fine powder for easy incorporation into your daily routine. Elevate your wellness journey with this potent source of vitamins, dietary fibers, and minerals.

Wild Power Herb Mix (25g): Experience the untamed vitality of Nordic herbs with our Wild Power herb mix, containing nettle, blackcurrant leaves and dandelion leaves. Carefully curated for flavor and wellness benefits, this blend adds a burst of freshness and herbal goodness to your dishes, teas, and smoothies.

Nettle-Lingonberry Powder (25g): Delight in the harmonious fusion of nettles and lingonberries, handpicked from the pristine Nordic wilderness. Packed with nutrients and natural goodness, this unique powder offers a refreshing twist to your culinary creations.

Trumpet Chanterelle Mushroom Powder (25g): Indulge in the earthy tones of trumpet chanterelle mushrooms, expertly dried and ground into a convenient powder. Bursting with umami flavor and minerals, this powder is a gourmet addition to soups, sauces, and savory dishes.

Natural Nordic's Forestfoods Collection is your passport to culinary adventure. With our premium-quality berry, herb, and mushroom powders, sourced from the purest Nordic landscapes, you can nourish your body and tantalize your taste buds with the essence of nature's bounty. The set comes nicely packaged in a gift box, thoughtfully crafted from recycled materials, making it the perfect eco-friendly choice for your next special occasion.

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