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The value of Mother Nature

With the arrival of autumn, Finnish nature offers its last delicious treats before it starts to prepare for the upcoming winter. The end of the growing season is a part of Finnish nature's annual cycle. Winter puts the whole of nature to the test. It is vital for plants to prepare for the winter so that they can grow, bloom, and produce during the next growing season as well. Nature may not offer fresh berries or herbs, mushrooms late in the autumn, but it is still valuable, and we must respect the phases of its cycle. Misty mornings and the magnificent colors of autumn offer a brilliant opportunity for us to enjoy nature as it is.

Let's not forget that without the diversity of nature we humans, functional societies, or the economy would not exist. Nature offers numerous resources, both material and immaterial, that allow for the various actions that we humans do on the earth. However, the resources are limited, so we should only use them sustainably and respect nature. Nature does not exist only for us humans. Therefore, we must appreciate the opportunities it offers to us. It is our responsibility to act on behalf of nature in return for the resources that it provides us with.

One of Natural Nordic's key values is respect for nature owing to the fact that the raw materials for our products come directly from Finnish forests. In addition, the availability and quality of our raw materials are directly dependent on the well-being of Finnish nature. Therefore, we see to it that the raw materials used for our products are handled in a way that respects nature and that the packages that we use are recyclable. We aim to support biodiversity by choosing annually a theme, such as nature conservation, that we support by donating to it. In addition, we seek to mitigate the climate change by using renewable energy and by offering our customers a chance to buy carbon offsets to compensate for transportation of the products. By using resources sustainably, we also want to make it possible for the future generations to enjoy Finnish nature and its products. 

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