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Sustainable growth

What makes the plants sprout early in the spring – even when surrounded by snow? The answer is the need for growth. The need to create something new, to be productive, to carry on the heritage. This same need for growth encourages us as a young company to develop and expand its operations. As responsible entrepreneurs we understand that the growth must be sustainable, just like in the thriving nature in springtime. To generate something new while respecting the heritage is the way to build a sustainable business.

Natural Nordic is growing its operations moderately. From the very beginning, it has been important for us to proceed responsibly and sustainably. We have built a reliable network with our producers. We rely on each other and when we grow, their business grows. This gives both us and them more resources to take the action toward being more sustainable. Furthermore, our product range grows as we create new products all the time and improve the quality of the current ones. Neither nature nor our production ever reaches perfection, but both are striving for it as the aim has been set high.

Now, in the springtime, we are preparing for summer, the growth period. Old business relations are being refreshed and new ones get established. Negotiations and discussions are held. Modus operandi is being agreed upon. Finding the way to even more sustainable business without jeopardizing the high quality or the safety of the products. We are itching to feel the delicious berries, herbs, mushrooms, and other products that nature offers us. The awakening nature encourages us to develop our business and cherish our delicate nature. For us, the only way to grow our business is through sustainable development. 

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