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Natural Nordic and sustainability

Q: Are Natural Nordic products sourced sustainably?

A: Yes, sustainability is a core value for us. We carefully select our suppliers who prioritize sustainable practices and share our respect for nature. The availability and quality of raw materials depend directly on the well-being of Finnish nature since they grow wild in their natural habitats without any need for fertilization or watering. We want to keep our forests prosperous, and we expect our producers to share this attitude.

Not only do we source sustainably, we aim to work in a way that supports sustainability values the best possible way but without compromising the food safety. By choosing Natural Nordic products, you can trust that they have been sourced with a focus on minimizing environmental impact.

Q: How does the production of Natural Nordic products contribute to reducing environmental impact?

A: The production of Natural Nordic products aims to minimize environmental impact in several ways. We source locally whenever possible, also we transport only dried and powdered products which means we are not carrying water. Already by these means we reduce transportation emissions. We strive to ensure that our production processes align with environmentally responsible practices by employing eco-friendly processing methods that utilize energy-efficient equipment and minimize waste generation, and more. You can read in detail what actions Natural Nordic does to contribute to reducing environmental impact here.

Q: Do you have any certifications?

A: We believe in supporting and promoting sustainability initiatives. We actively seek out certifications that align with our values and provide assurance of sustainable practices. For example, we may work with suppliers who hold certifications such as Organic, Kosher and Halal. Natural Nordic has Certified Organic certification and Oiva report.

Q: Can consumers contribute to a more sustainable future when using Natural Nordic products?

A: Choosing sustainable products has a positive impact on the environment and supports a more responsible approach to consumption. By selecting Natural Nordic products, you contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, protection of natural resources, and the well-being of local communities. You are also supporting entrepreneurship over massive production.

Consumers play a vital role in promoting sustainability e.g. by mindful consumption, recycling responsibly, supporting sustainable brands, and sharing their knowledge and encouraging others to make sustainable choices. By making small but conscious changes in our daily lives, we can collectively make a significant positive impact on the environment together.

Q: How transparent are you about your sustainability practices?

A: Transparency is crucial to us. We strive to provide clear and detailed information about our sustainability practices on our website and packaging. We believe in open communication and encourage customers to reach out with any specific questions or concerns they may have. We value transparency as a way to build trust and foster a sustainable relationship with our customers.

Q: What steps do you take to ensure the sustainability of your packaging materials?

A: We are committed to sustainability and mindful of the environmental impact of packaging. We strive to minimize waste. Our packaging materials are carefully chosen to balance product protection and sustainability. We strive to use materials that are recyclable and minimize waste. We are actively exploring innovative solutions and alternatives to improve the sustainability of our packaging and reduce our carbon footprint.

We hope this Q&A session, where concerns about sustainability were addressed, has provided you with valuable insights into our Natural Nordic products. If you have any further questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to reach out. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for our planet.

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