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Challenges of Winter

We can overcome the challenges of winter by being prepared.

In Finland, winter is the season when nature rests. Plants, insects, and most animals spend winter in hibernation, waiting for spring to wake them up. Many bird species have moved to warmer climes for the winter. Average temperatures are below freezing and there is a blanket of snow on the ground, providing the much-needed protection for many plants and animals against a biting frost and wind. In the north, above the Arctic Circle, there is a long period when the sun does not rise above the horizon. It is known as 'polar night'. It lasts for about 51 days in the northernmost part of Finland. It is dark around the clock and sometimes you can see northern lights in the sky. Only the rustling of trees caused by the frost and the occasional raven's call break the silence.

Those who are best prepared for the northern winter will survive best. Different species have their own ways of coping with the cold winter. Squirrels have stashed away acorns and berries for cold winter days. They know how to even dry mushrooms by hanging them on branches. Bears are hibernating under the snow thanks to the food reserves they have collected in the autumn. Plants have many ways of surviving the winter. Leaves fall, seeds are buried. Some plants have roots that survive the cold winter underground. Winter offers everyone whose livelihood depends on the northern nature time to slow down, rest, analyze the past, and plan for the future. The Finnish winter is long, but spring is slowly approaching, and the amount of light increases. Suddenly, everything will again be green and the forests are full of life.

Reliability is one of our core values, and one of the cornerstones of our business. In winter, reliability and preparedness are weighed. Like squirrels and other wildlife, we have to make it until spring with the stocks that we have acquired over the summer and autumn. So far, we have done well which is demonstrated in the extremely small number of complaints: in five years, we have received only one complaint. At Natural Nordic, we want to maintain reliability. We regularly keep in contact with our customers, which allows us to consider your wishes and anticipate any future challenges. 

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